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Non-Intrusive Detection and Identification Technologies
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  August 6, 2013
Passport Systems adds Robert Falk to international sales team
  November 13, 2012
Passport Systems receives IEEE HST Best Paper Award
  October 4, 2012
Passport Systems Signs $149k Phase I SBIR Contract With Department of Homeland Security's Domestic Nuclear Detection Office for Development of Advanced Pedestrian-based Search Techniques for Radiological/Nuclear Detection, Localization, and Tracking


Key points

"What's in the box?" Passport Systems, Inc. is developing a new, automated, non-intrusive cargo screening system that will analyze the composition of materials and accurately identify the contents of a container, including commercial items, contraband, fissile materials, explosives, and other materials. Passport technologies can rapidly and automatically detect and identify concealed threats and contraband in sea, air and land cargo.