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    Passport System's Radiation Detection Technology Helps Secure The NCAA Final Four In Houston

    Thu, 07 Apr 2016 09:00:00           

    North Billerica, MA - April 6, 2016 --- Over the past week, the Houston Police Department has deployed cutting-edge radiation detection technology produced by Passport Systems, Inc. as part of the security preparations for the NCAA Final Four Men's Basketball Championship.

    Dr. Robert Ledoux, President, CEO and Director of Passport Systems, said the company's SmartShield™ Networked Radiation Detection System played a significant role in helping to protect the public, officers and facilities during the popular event.  The championship game between North Carolina and Villanova was played without incident.

    "It was a real privilege to be part of the security support team during the NCAA Final Four," said Dr. Ledoux. "Our technology is the best available at detecting radiation and providing real time information to security teams about potential threats, such as Dirty Bombs. Technology is an important counter balance to the growing sophistication of terrorist groups seeking to do harm.  The challenge now is to get this technology widely deployed by authorities tasked with protecting the public in countries across the globe." 

    SmartShield™ is a handheld networked radiation detection system. It provides seamless integration of individual detectors into a coordinated network, while its advanced algorithms use the information provided by the network to perform improved radiation detection, localization, identification, and continuous mapping of the background area.

    Specifically, Houston's Bomb Squad, K9 unit and Hazmat Team used the SmartShield technology to establish "normal radiation levels" in the area, while actively seeking to detect radiological material. One of the ways this next generation technology improves upon current generation equipment is by including a command center in a network that can monitor and visualize all of the detectors deployed in the field, creating a safety net.

    "This command view is a critical addition to complex security operations, such as those set up for the Final Four tournament and other largescale events around the world," said Dr.  Ledoux, noting that SmartShield provides advances that help authorities improve detection and response capabilities at locations such as airports, concerts, or any large gatherings.

    Moreover, Dr. Ledoux said, "This Houston deployment was a valuable operational experience.  It will help to provide us with more information on how we can make this state-of-the art technology even better."

    WCVB TV-5 in Boston recently did a feature on the SmartShield technology.

    About Passport Systems

    Passport Systems was founded to develop and commercialize new technologies to address the threats facing the world in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  Founded by a team of MIT technologists and entrepreneurs, Passport Systems has proudly developed two cutting-edge product lines: The SmartScan 3D™ Automated Cargo Inspection System, based on nuclear resonance fluorescence technology, and the SmartShield™ Networked Radiation Detection System, using advanced data fusion algorithms.  For further details on Passport Systems and its products and services, please visit, and follow us on Twitter at @PassportSys