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    Passport Systems News Links - 11 Dec 2018

    Tue, 11 Dec 2018 08:00:00           

    "ISIS is re-emerging as a guerilla force and threatening chemical warfare. A year after the ‘defeat’ of the Islamic State Jihadist organization the group is witnessing a revival, according to the U.S. Department of Defense."
    Read more here.
    Madrid prepares to confront radioactive emergencies
    "The Madrid region is preparing a contingency plan to deal with potential radioactive emergencies such as a terrorist attack involving a dirty bomb, radioactive debris from a satellite or the theft of sensitive material."
    Read more here.
    US to shut down Idaho nuclear waste processing project
    "Federal officials will shut down an Idaho nuclear waste treatment project after determining it would not be economically feasible to bring in radioactive waste from other states. The U.S. Department of Energy in documents made public this week said the Advanced Mixed Waste Treatment Project that employs 650 workers will end next year."
    Read more here.
    Air Force study on EMP threat
    "U.S. military facilities involved in command and control of forces face a growing risk of disruption by an electromagnetic pulse attack or solar superstorm that could knock out all electronics at the strategic bases, according to a report."
    Read the latest from @BillGertz in The Washington Times here.

    Ensuring Security of Radioactive Materials
    "Nuclear security experts from more than 100 countries are in Vienna participating in the IAEA Conference on the Security of Radioactive Material: The Way Forward for Prevention and Detection."
    Read more @IAEAorg here.
    IAEA Completes Nuclear Security Advisory Mission in Japan
    "An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) team of experts today completed a nuclear security advisory mission in Japan, which was carried out at the request of the Japanese Government."
    Read more @IAEAorg here.
    A busy week @IAEAorg -- Security of Radioactive Material: Why it Matters
    "At the IAEA’s International Conference on the Security of Radioactive Material: the Way Forward for Prevention and Detection, held 3-7 December 2018 in Vienna, the more than 700 participants from more than 100 countries discussed how to best prevent that radioactive material  ends up in the wrong hands, while still enabling it to be used for beneficial purposes."
    Read more @IAEAorg here.
    Nevada suing U.S. in bid to block plan for plutonium shipments
    "Nevada is suing the federal government in a bid to stop plans to ship plutonium cross-country next year from South Carolina to the nation’s former nuclear proving ground north of Las Vegas."
    Read more @phillytrib here.

    Security Personnel, Staff at Delhi Airport to be Trained to Handle Nuclear Emergency
    "A group of 50 officials from Delhi Police, CISF, cargo workers, airlines staff and firefighters will be trained at the Delhi airport to handle chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) emergency situations. Officials say, the measure was planned after security agencies flagged a threat to the 'sensitive airports' in the country."
    Read more here.