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    SmartShield™ -Radiation Survey and Detection Technology

    Passport Systems, in response to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) needs, has developed a compact and scalable radiation detector system, the SmartShield™ that optimizes performance through advanced data fusion algorithms and automatic smartphone networking.The SmartShield™ Product has three elements:

    1) A hand held or belt clipable sized gamma radiation detector

    2) A Smart Phone with embedded software

    3) A Tactical Control Unit (TCU) laptop that runs SmartShield™ software and links to all the detectors automatically

    The SmartShield™ system is designed to interface with smartphone technology and support both local and wide-area networking functionality. Based on feedback from DHS and many other federal agencies, as well as 3rd party testing of the technology at Savannah River and NCS4, Passport believes that the current SmartShield™ product represents the current state of the art in compact radiation detectors. The SmartShield™ G300 is designed specifically for the DHS Securing-the-Cities initiative and Human Portable Tripwire program.

    The SmartShield system is an advanced technology solution to the problem of detecting and preventing the potential radiological threats. The real power of the SmartShield™ system comes from (1) the automatic, seamless integration of the individual units into a network; and (2) the use of advanced algorithms to take advantage of that network to perform improved radiation detection, localization, and identification as well as continuous background estimation.


    NetS2 Animated Graphic

    NetS2 Spec SheetNetS2 Further Information

    As a consequence of these features, the SmartShield™ network provides full situational awareness at all levels (tactical, operational, and strategic/national) providing a common operating picture to all operators that are part of the system.

    The image below shows the BCU and smartphone interfaces, including map overlays, for a recent wide area SmartShield™ search exercise in the Washington DC area. As can be seen in the image, both the reach back and tactical operators clearly observe the background radiation being collected and displayed automatically during the exercise. This allows for a very controlled and deliberate search ensuring that the entire area of interest is covered and cleared.

    Source Detection Training Exercise shown below.